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Apple, A Year After Steve Jobs Left

It has been over a year since one of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away. October 5th 2011 will be a day marked in Apples calendar to remember the man who came up with many of the innovations the company currently produces. The products which have been developed at Apple under Jobs supervision such as the iPod and iPhone are still in production today and are more popular than ever.

In fact the large variety of devices and service which Apple offers in its own unique style has allowed the firm to develop a customer base which is loyal to its products and this has helped Apple secure the first position for the most valuable firm in the U.S.. As of now Apple does hold a market capitalization value of over $600 billion, which makes it the most valuable U.S. Company in history.

Jobs’ plans are certainly paying off and today iPhone sales prove that his vision was indeed a profitable one. For instance at the launch of the iPhone 5 there were thousands of pre bookings for the device, and in just the first week of its debut over 5 million iPhone 5 devices had been distributed and sold. Demand for the product was so high that just after the first two weeks of making the device available Apple faced a shortage of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is the latest in the iPhone series and collectively since the debut of the very first iPhone, over 240 million of these hit smart phone devices have been sold.

It is estimated that by the end of 2013 this number of iPhone devices sold will have toppled the 500 million mark. The iPhone is a major selling point and a main product for Apple with nearly 60 percent of Apples revenue depending on this good alone. Also, profit generated from iPhone sales makes up 70 percent Apples’ total profit; the other thirty percent is catered to by other products including the iPad and Apple TV. All three of these products started off from being an idea and a thought in the mind of Steve Jobs.

Though once these products were launched it was not long before competitors such as Google, Amazon Sony and so many more quickly grasped the idea and started to mold out of it a creation of their own. They have given Apple a lot of competition but it doesn’t change the fact that Apple was the firm to introduce many of these gadgets. Apples previous CEO Steve Jobs was not only considered a great businessman but also an innovator and was renowned for setting high standards and achieving them. It is visible that these high aims have also yielded equally large results though things have not always been smooth for the firm.

For instance the recently launched iOS 6 which is the latest operating system for Apple smart phones, tried to integrate Apples’ own mapping function however this did not go quite as expected. Though, some say that the few errors that have put Apple maps down would not have existed had it been Steve Jobs who was overlooking the task. Even Apples’ employees who have worked alongside Jobs do mention that things such as the below par advert which was aired during the London Olympics would not have never gotten beyond the drawing board had Jobs had a look at it first.

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