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Donate Via iTunes To Help Supertsorm Sandy Survivors

A new page on iTunes now accepts donations for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. The US Red Cross donation page, which can be accessed through the desktop iTunes Store in addition to the iTunes and App Store apps on iOS, authorities donations at the $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200 levels.

100% of each donation will be directly transferred to the American Red Cross by Apple, letting users to have their contributions flawlessly billed to their current iTunes Store accounts. Apple holds over 400 million iTunes Store accounts with credit cards attached, so it can take advantage of the donation program with this very significant customer database.

With some skeptic folks wandering why would someone donate through Apple instead of directly to the Red Cross, my answer is that iTunes store gets much more eyeballs than the Red Cross site. Moreover, with quite a lot of credit card details on their servers, Apple allows you to donate with just one click.

It’s not the first time apple conducts the similar campaign – the most recent one was in March 2011, for the survivors of Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Apple contributed to Haitian earthquakes in January 2010 as well.