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Here - Maps By Nokia Soon To Be Available For iPhone

Nokia has confirmed that its new mapping platform, Here, will be covering the service beyond Windows Phone platform and will also be available as a dedicated app for iPhone! 

Moreover, as a part of its announcement, Nokia also promised a web-version that will support Mozilla's Firefox OS sometime next year too.

With iOS 6, suffering from apparent problems with Mapping service, Nokia seems to be appearing quite timely. Here app for iOS will reportedly feature turn-by-turn directions, public transportation information, and will be available "soon," pending approval by Apple. Additional features of Here include the ability to create 3D maps of the real world, augmented-reality information overlay and many more.

The precise launch date and price tag has not yet been communicated, but we hope them to be “soon and free”. Combining both local and cloud-based data and rendering, allowing allows for faster 3D rendering and a robust offline mode, we hope Here to be as useful on iPhone as it is on Windows Phones. Stay tuned, we’ll cover the app in details as soon as it hits the App Store!