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London Street Lights Will Be Made Smarter With iPad

With much discussion about how to save energy and costs and make the street lights efficient, the alternative variable lighting solution has been found - the iPad controlled smart streetlights which are to be installed right across central London will tell technicians when they are broken or need replacing. Westminster City Council has successfully implemented a pilot scheme, and will make all 14,000 of its street lights smart over the next four years.

The extract from a report at West London Today reads: “The council says roll-out means an initial £3.25m investment which will be recouped through energy and maintenance savings within seven years, and the technology will go on saving council tax payers £420,000 a year from 2015/16 onwards.”

“This provides people in Westminster with the light they require to feel secure and continue to function safely in a 24-hour city. But it also will reduce our energy bill by nearly £1million every two years. A huge saving that we can pass onto the taxpayer,” – comments Cllr Ed Argar, cabinet member for city management.

It’s the first time in the country history that a system is electronically monitoring lights and infrastructure and dispatches the engineer a bulb that needs changing or broken a wire. Moreover, the system even has the ability to forecast when a lamp is likely to fail. “It also carries a function for brightness levels to be lowered or raised at the touch of a button, even from an engineer standing under the lamp column with an iPad and a corresponding application.”- says the report.