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Check The Double Projector iPhone 5S Concept

With the iPhone 5 resonant release a few months ago, many people have been left wondering if it’s the best Apple can offer. With a bit of disappointment, and a lot of excitement, the buzz has now been shifted to the next smartphone that Apple will unveil- and logically it will be an iPhone 5S!

The concept we present below is from a French website and looks very appealing indeed. A small phone that turns into a fully functional, virtual, projected Mac -  that’s what the Frank_Snk, the designer, suggests will be the core feature of iPhone 5S. Once placed on a flat surface, the device will swiftly fold up with a single tap and project an OS X screen from the back, onto a wall, and a full-sized keyboard onto a table.

This newest concept definitely takes the cake in every way possible, as the author has also provided some other interesting concepts in the past, including Apple Magic Mouse with the rounded form factor and a slightly curved display.

The video demonstrating the concept in all its glory is below: