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Gamify Your Photos With CatchPlus For Free!

The winner of our Free App Poll  this week is CatchPlus by Sioo Interactive Inc.! This exciting new social game challenges users to spot the differences between two images while discovering new deals and earning rewards!

By taking image puzzles to a whole new level by personalizing each challenge, CatchPlus features users as the main attraction. The process is quite easy – those users who’d like to gamify are able to upload their photos via CatchPlus page on Facebook, the app will build the puzzle of their image, which can be shared with friends in a new and exciting way!

The users should prove that they have the most discerning eye when it comes to pop culture messaging – they should find all the differences hidden beneath the surface of two (nearly) identical, high-resolution images displayed and once found, move on to the next challenge, and build up the points till they have more than anyone else. Badges are credited with the achievements, and those who rank higher by speed, time and number of points get cooler badges than others!

Incomplete list of CatchPlus fun and entertaining features include:
Innovative Social Game! Photos uploaded to our Facebook page are made into image puzzles. 
Share your beautiful memories with your friends during the game!
Classic Mode: Hone your skills to see how many stages you can clear
Speed Mode: Clear 10 stages as fast as possible
Time attack mode: Clear as many levels as you can before the timer runs out
Regular updates with new image puzzles and bonus deals to keep the game fresh! 

As the CatchPlus is updated weekly with new images and games, you’ll never ever get tired of it. Bonus gifts are also available, which can be turned in for special prizes. However, you'll never know when you're in for a surprise gift! Moreover, the LuckDraw feature allows users to unlock game items and earn rewards from the sponsors as they play more and more!

CatchPlus is available in the AppleApp Store for free and requires iOS 4.3 or later to be functional. So go and grab it for your Phone, iPod touch, and iPad and Make use of the opportunity to be the hero in the puzzle image by sending your photos to CatchPlusGlobal.

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