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Meet Space Zoo Fangogo – New Kind Of An Apptoon

The winner of our Free App Poll this week is Space Zoo Fangogo by Manamong! These exciting Comic Strips are an interactive comic book app that combines music and video in a dazzling manner. It comes with features like 3D modeling backgrounds, 2D comic book characters, animation, music, and video.

Being an entirely fun-filled comic package, Space Zoo Fangogo takes users to the most mysterious space imagined by Manamong Animation Director where there are various kinds of space creatures at the space zoo and you’re able to feed, treat and even nurture them. Made up of a range of dynamic and cool multimedia elements, Space Zoo Fangogo will allow users to experience the hilarity and fun of how these space creatures are taken care of at the Space Zoo!

The incomplete list of Space Zoo Fangogo features include:

Touch function for interactive storytelling;
Top level anime/artwork with;
3D modeling backgrounds;
2D comic book characters;
Music video presentation;
Electronic music.

The latest version of Space Zoo Fangogo - 1.4.2 - is unlike any other comic in that it delivers for a moving multimedia presentation that brings the old school feel of an old-style comic book - with frames surrounded by white borders, like a real comic - while carrying a whole new level of entertainment, interaction, and value in smartphone storytelling. With the English language support now available along with the version 1.4.2, more users will experience the entertaining and bizarre world of Space Zoo; an arena in which they all have the chance to communicate with the 'interesting' creatures at the zoo!

Space Zoo Fangogo is available in the Apple App Store for free and requires iOS 5.0 or later to be fully functional on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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