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Monday, April 30, 2012

One More Great Siri Trick For Your Convenience

Siri, intelligent assistant shipping with the iPhone 4S is unquestionably an outstanding addition on the device. Despite the sympathies, the feature has managed to receive different opinions since its launch. 

However, everyone agrees that Siri is an awesome feature but some complain that it’s not able to complete some basic tasks despite the huge potential. That’s why the jailbreak society keep pumping out the enhancements that can be added to Siri to broaden its functionality.

JpgToSiri is one of the latest tweaks the open-source AssistantExtensions mobile substrate package offers, enabling Siri based voice input to access to web service. AssistantExtensions basically provides the backend work for developers, needed to hook into Siri and provide a chat bot feature for the advanced Siri interaction.

Once you install the JpgToSiri tweak you’ll notice that there are no dedicated preferences through the Settings app or some additional Springboard icons included. The AssistantExtensions package will be added to the Cydia download list in case the tweak is not found on the device, as it depends on AE being installed to function. 

Due to the fact that the website enables users to search for the images of almost everything and everyone, the requested image will instantly be displayed on the screen. 

Here is how the JpgToSiri works: after the installation the users will initially need to invoke the AssistantExtensions chat bot feature by activating Siri and giving the "let’s chat" command. After the Siri messages about loading its brain, users are able then to ask the intelligent assistant to display the picture of anything and anyone by just saying: “shoe mw a picture of X” – the images are displayed in an image view, accompanied by a Siri voice message.

JpgToSiri tweak is available for download from the BigBoss repository for free and although it may not bring some essential benefit to users, it is fairly fun to use. JpgToSiri requires a jailbroken device running Siri running at least iOS 5.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing World Of Vehicles With Vehicles 360

We’re glad to introduce the next winner of our Free App Poll - Vehicles 360! This free app enables your kids to learn about the world of vehicles while having fun and offers of different modes of transportation, complete with sounds, images, quizzes, puzzles and tours! 

Once you download Vehicles 360 for your kids, they will never want to stop learning as the app offers exciting ways of discovering off road and construction vehicles, ambulances, helicopters and trains! 

Going through the Vehicles 360 photo gallery offers so much fun for kids, enabling them to select a vehicle to hear the noise it makes, test their knowledge with quizzes, put puzzles together and take a tour in their favorite motor vehicle. 

Your kids will learn all about the transportation world, distinguish vehicles that travel by road, air, sea and rail. Vehicles 360 guarantees hours of fun and cuddle, offering parents to join in and discover more exciting things inside the app!

While the app allows you to adjust the difficulty levels according the capabilities of your child, you can adjust the difficulty levels. This will help keeping your kid interested and present new learning opportunities as with the progress of your child, you are able to increase the challenge too. 

Some of the features Vehicles 360 boasts with are as follows:

* Attractive, intuitive and easy to use interface;
* Provides off road, rail, water and air vehicle images and sounds;
* Children can take the quizzes to test their knowledge;
* Jigsaw puzzles are included;
* Adjustable difficulty levels;
* Kids can go on habitat tours to see vehicles in their normal settings;
* A really fun way to learn about many different modes of transport;
* Encourages parent/child bonding when played together.

Vehicles 360 is available in the Apple App Store for free. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later to be functional. So what are you waiting for- go and get it now!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

WWDC 2012 Logo Hinting On iPhone 5?

Apple fans with an upcoming iPhone 5 in their minds, decided to encrypt the WWDC logo revealed recently to find out some hints about what’s going to be unveiled from June 11th to June 15th. There are multiple suggestions, as Apple traditionally leaves us the ability to interpret everything on our own… Apple’s choice of clues has from time to time proven to be too hidden perfectly, and observant reveals them only after the new device has been unveiled.

Most of the readers claim to see implied 5s throughout the multi-colored logo for the 2012 WWDC when turning their heads left. This may be just another subtle hint by Apple, as well as just a wishful thinking of an Apple enthusiast eager to get hands on a  new smartphone as soon as possible… We have seen numerous reasons why iPhone 5 cannot be launched in June, so 5 in the center of the logo may more likely be an optical illusion than the truth.

However there is no hint on iOS 6 on the WWDC logo, causing a bit of disappointment among the users. As Apple is a traditional company paying attention to details, we thought looking at WWDC 2010 press release by Apple would do some good… Here is what said Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iPhone Software, said then: 

“This year’s WWDC offers developers in-depth sessions and hands-on working labs to learn more about iPhone OS 4, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. WWDC provides a unique opportunity for developers to work side-by-side with Apple engineers and interface designers to make their iPhone and iPad apps even better.” – No single hint of iPhone 4 can be found in Apple’s press statement from 2010…

Assuming that a new phone by Apple can never debut without a new operating system, iPhone 5 release rumor loses sense. On the other hand there are some users who stubbornly claim to be seeing a big 5 in the center of the logo, with a small 5s reflected everywhere on this flamboyant apple.
So what do you expect to see at WWDC 2012? We’d like to hear your theories on the symbolism (if any) surrounding the WWDC’s 2012 logo in the comments.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Twitter For iPhone Updated

The official Twitter app has recently been updated, bringing a number of improvements to the mobile version of the social network. The enhancements include the discover tab that’s recently been added, the improved search feature and push notifications for Interactions. The new features are explained in details below:

Improved Search Functionality- the updated Twitter app includes suggested spellings and related terms while typing. Moreover, when you search for people, the smart search feature will autocomplete searches for people you follow when you start typing in his or her first or last name or username. Specifically for iPhone users the updated app includes the ability to tap the search box in Discover and see your recent queries and even more- when searching for a username in Connect, the app gives you the ability to go directly to someone’s profile.

Push Notifications-this new feature added to the app allows you to choose to be notified when someone new follows you on the service, or when your tweets have been retweeted or favorited by someone. So now you are able to customize your account the way you get rid of unnecessary alerts.

Discover Tab: this feature has been shifted from Twitter on the web to its mobile app and similarly to its web-based counterpart, lets you know what tweets people you follow have favorited or retweeted. Moreover, the discover tab let you know if someone you follow has decided to follow a new person or add a new person to a list. The activity has been moved below the Discover Tab, and once you tap on a story you’re able to see more tweets about a trend or news story that can be replied to, retweeted, or favorited.

Have you already downloaded the updated Twitter for iPhone? If yes, we’ll be glad to see how impressed you are below in the comments.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Reasons Hinting iPhone 5 October Launch

While many rumors claim that we’ll see iPhone 5 in June, there are several reasons (despite what we have already mentioned) that prove why the next iPhone can’t be launched till October.

The first and probably the most important reason for the delay are the changes at Foxconn- Apple’s manufacturer facility. After the Fair Labor Association publicized the results of the audit completed earlier this year, the problems with productivity arouse. The company is now experiencing shortage of the work force and it seems those productivity issues will continue at least till October.

The next reason for iPhone 5 October launch is the iPhone 4S. The later was launched exactly in October, and considering the fact that Apple is a traditional company, paying attention to the minor details such as date and time; we won’t see iPhone 5 any earlier. 

Third reason hinting October launch is that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro line updates are coming, potentially putting them at odds with the iPhone 5. With the customers having a finite amount of cash to spend, Apple would definitely avoid forcing its customers choose between MacBooks and its iPhone, and thus avoid sales cannibalization.

Another reason that suggests iPhone 5 not to be unveiled in June is that Apple needs time to make changes. The longer we wait for the device to be launched, the more perfect and faultless the device is when it arrives. So it’ll be reasonable step by Apple to compromise time for bundling neat new features into the upcoming device.

And the last, thus the most important one – Galaxy S III  Launch. Maybe you’re already aware that Samsung is planning to unveil the next flagship device – Galaxy S III to unveil on May 3rd. The phone is said to be powered by Google’s latest mobile platform Ice Cream Sandwich and featuring Exynos 4 Quad processor. With this in mind, Apple might decide to wait until the buzz about the device gets quieter to limit the number of major competitors it needs to face. However, there is no doubt that iPhone 5 will be better and will definitely outsell any device.

If you don’t agree to the opinions discussed above, you’re welcome to express your own one below in the comments.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apple's WWDC 2012 Date Announced – Will We See iPhone 5?

Worldwide Developers Conference we have all waited for has been just announced by Apple to take place from June 11th to June 15th- a bit later than we expected. 

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference gives attendants an in-depth and inside look at the latest in iOS and OS X and gives them a unique chance to join Apple engineers and their fellow developers for the week the whole world has been waiting for.

More concretely, the developers who are lucky enough to join the conference will gain insight on the latest, breakthrough technologies in iOS and OS X before anyone else and attend over 100 sessions about apps, services, graphics, media, games, developer tools and many more to take their apps to a whole new level.

Tickets for the week were on sale now for $1,599 and surprisingly, were sold out in just about two hours after tickets first went on sale! This is quite shorter than the last year’s 12 hours it took WWDC to sell out. Apple apologizes for the capacity shortage and promises to post videos of all the sessions shortly after the conference, so everyone can take advantage of great WWDC content for free.

As for the next iPhone announcement- the optimistic side of the speculations about iPhone 5 claims that Apple will announce the new device at WWDC event, while there is a pessimistic and therefore, more argumentative side as well, suggesting multiple reasons for the date to be false. Although we have almost 2 months and no concrete plan of WWDC so far, we are free to make assumptions. So do not hesitate to express your thoughts and expectations about the week we all have been waiting for below in the comments!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prevent People From Deleting Your Photos

Probably the most sensitive smartphone section is a media gallery for every user, and more concretely a camera roll for iPhones. 

With all the personal photos get saved here and if your device gets fallen in the hands of strangers/friends/parents or just other people, the photos are pretty vulnerable to deletion.

Fortunately there has been a PhotoProtect tweak, developed by Aaron Ash, around on Cydia quite for some time. The developer is well known for his previous tweaks and offers you a great solution this time: PhotoProtect notifies the end-user that the photo he/she is trying to delete cannot be removed. The tweak makes use of a UI Alert View and offers a customizable title and message body to be displayed when a photo is tried to be deleted. Once the PhotoProtect is installed, the configurable options appear in native iPhone Settings, allowing you to organize the tweak for your own convenience.

However, PhotoProtect is not a Panacea and can easily be turned off through the Settings bundle, leaving others free to delete your photos after that. Nevertheless, as an innovative tweak, it is a sudden constraining to those who would give up after an unsuccessful first attempt; the PhotoProtect tweak in fact proves to be a very valuable suite. Moreover, if you attempt to delete an album image; it will be removed regardless of the tweak being active or not, due to the fact that PhotoProtect was launched before Apple allowed creating albums of images from Camera Roll photographs

You can download PhotoProtect for free from the BigBoss repository. Of course, your device needs to be jailbroken to make the use of the tweak. If PhotoProtect doesn’t work at the first attempt, try rebooting- it definitely helps.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New iPhone 5 Photos Show Redesigned Home Button

The next iPhone isn’t likely to launch until far along this year but it seems that some parts, precisely its home button, have poured out today in both colors- black and in white. The parts demonstrated below are currently available through Chinese vendor TVC-Mall in the iPhone 5 replacement parts section.

It is not the first time the website offers up parts of unreleased Apple products, making the leak fairly credible and close to the truth. The leaked home buttons are a little different than those found on previous iOS devices but have more rounded square look and in difference with the iPhone 4 and relatively iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 home button is round in the center and square outside.

If the images below definitely show the home button of iPhone 5, the rumors of a re-designed is fairly out of question. However the buzz about no home button at all appears to be out of the game - it appears that Apple will be sticking to its guns.

Check out the images provided below and do not hesitate to express your opinion about the rumors.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 Easy And Useful iPhone 4S Tricks

Jailbreaking is widely considered to bring up some dream features to iPhones, but before we have an untethered version for the latest iOS, here are some simple tricks to make the best use of your iPhone 4S with no need of the complicated process.

1. The first and the most important one is the simple way to rage quitting an app running in background. Such apps drain your iPhone 4S power, thus significantly shorten the battery life. So if you double-press the Home button, hold onto the app when it pops up and click the “minus” tab, you will never ever need to ask for someone’s phone to make a call, as your iPhone will never leak power.

2. Did you know that Airplay mirroring can successfully be used as an extra viewfinder into your life? Once you turn Airplay on, double-press the Home key, swipe twice to the right, pick your Apple TV and turn on mirroring. You’ll be amazed to see your TV mirroring what your camera sees once you open the camera app. Now you know.

3. If you look attentively, you’ll find that accessibility settings are filled with helpful shortcuts, cutting down on the needless time wasting. For example the “custom vibrations” that lets the user assign vibration patterns for each person in their contact list, or the “LED flash for alerts”- an almost BlackBerry like way of noticing alerts, and much more. So explore the accessibility settings carefully and you’ll find plenty to play around with.

4. You can easily fix a hanging iPhone 4s by just holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously to hard reset the device. Once the phone is rebooted after bout a minute, it should work normally. If it doesn’t help, then try to restore your phone from iTunes.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

New iPhone 5 To Use In-Cell Touch Panels

In-cell touch panels produced by Sharp and Toshiba may be implemented in the next-generation iPhone which Apple will be releasing sometime later this year, most probably in October.

Unidentified sources claim that 5.5G production lines by Sharp and 6G lines by Toshiba Mobile Display (TMD) will be present in the next iPhone. The two companies are said to take part in panel manufacturing and will heavily be ramping up production of the next iPhone for Q2 of the current year. The sources also note that Sharp and TMD have persuaded Apple to choose Japan-based panel makers as the partners for its next generation iPhone production.

To basically define the benefits of in-cell touch panel technology, here is what we get: via in-cell touch panels the touch functionality is integrated into the thin-film transistor production process, while the need for the additional glass usage is eliminated. This helps to cut costs as well as enables Apple to develop a thinner and lighter device in total.

The companies that supply Apple with touch panels include TPK Holdings and Wintek. These two firms, currently specializing in production of glass on glass touch solutions, will significantly (negatively) be impacted by the deal if it comes true.

Davis Hsieh, analyst at Display Search, agrees that the new technology will definitely be utilized by Apple. Here is what Hsieh commented: 

"Of course, Taiwanese panel makers are also developing this technology, but Japanese suppliers still run faster [..] compared with on-cell technology, touch panels that use in-cell technology can be made thinner because the touch sensors are actually placed inside the color filters rather than on top of them", he explained."

We do not know whether it is true or just another speculation about the upcoming iPhone, but as anything in the world of Apple buzzes – this one too should be taken with a grain of salt. Do not hesitate to express your opinion about the upcoming iPhone 5 below in the comments.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Dream – Best App For Your Kids!

The free app poll winner of the week is Swipea's 1st kids’ app - The Dream - from the World Explorer series, teaching children appreciation of world cultures through story and play. 

With the globalization level like today, multi-cultural attitude has become more important than ever. That’s what The Dream strives for- it exposes world cultures to children and helps them appreciate the differences in people and their traditions.

The Dream lets children discover the Arabic world over a story on perseverance, 8 educational mini-games and over 60 fun facts. Free The Dream DIY paper crafts are also available for a fun family activity, making the board game, bookmarks & pop-up scenes for both parents and children. It’s a story inspired 4 player board game called 'Race To Cairo' featuring themed bookmarks with creative spaces and a set of 6 pop-up scenes to inspire the story teller in your kids.

The app features are highlighted below:

Explore the Arabic World and its Culture – via 60 fun facts about Arabic historical places, music & instruments, costumes, food ingredients & cuisines;
Moral Story for Character Development – Ahmad, a poor but hardworking man travels to a faraway place because of a dream to seek his fortune;
8 Different Educational Mini-Games – including: Amira Buys New Clothes, Baghdad's Music Class and 6 additional games available as optional in-app purchases;
Beautiful sound effects and artworks – displaying vibrant colors, cute characters and the camels inside grunt.

Despite being free, the app does not contain any kind of ads and does not collect any personal information without your consent. The current 1.8 version of The Dream supports new iPad retina display compatibility, a brand new “Fact Find Game” and an improved UI for better player experience.

The dream is available in the Apple App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Why iPhone 5 Can’t Be Launched In June

In difference with the rumors spread lately saying that iPhone 5 will be introduced in June at WWDC annual event, industry sources cite that Apple will most likely continue its trend of October launches and wait until this fall to release the iPhone 5. The note comes from investment banking firm Piper Jaffray.

According to the previous reports, despite being of revolutionary design, iPhone 5 is widely expected to support LTE and utilize the Qualcomm 28nm baseband modem. The delay in the launch date is said to be caused due to the Qualcomm's 28-nanometer modem chip supply issues, responsible for allowing the upcoming iPhone to be LTE- friendly. 

The reports spread yesterday claim that because of the manufacturing constrains that result in bumping operating costs up, Qualcomm cannot meet demands. That means that demand has surpassed availability so much that the company has decided to start spending more money to get more supply as soon as possible. Bill Keitel, the company's CFO noted that this shortage is draining the company of tens of millions of dollars.

Chief Executive Paul Jacobs told analysts on a conference call that at the current stage the San Diego based company can’t secure enough supply to meet the increasing demand they’re are experiencing and this issue would limit revenue growth this year.

With the issues like the one described above it seems quite likely that our assumptions have gone true and iPhone 5 will be released no earlier (if not later) than October.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Latest iPhone 5 News - A Liquid Metal Body?

Since the release of the new iPad, which is successfully retailing across the world, the focus of rumors has moved to the next release by Apple – an iPhone 5. With intensive speculations about the body, appearance, specs and abilities of the next gen iPhone, the recent reports have now something quite different to share, drastically exceptional from what has already been communicated.

According to the latest reports the upcoming iPhone will finally deviate from the iPhone 4 / 4S glass form factor, utilizing liquid metal instead. This assumption took start from the fact that Apple has purchased the IP rights to the liquid metal technology several years ago and yet has not used it in anything other than fiddly SIM card ejector tool production. 

Industry sources also cite that similarly to its competitors, Apple will ditch the respective materials used the current flagship devices. So it turns out that we should expect iPhone 5 to be thin, light and highly resistant to external impacts- rendering the report, and the liquid metal is likely to consist of zirconium, titanium, nickel and copper.

This new composition will guarantee to minimize scratches and corrosion, while manufacturing the mixture is said to be a lot easier too. The new metal is considered to be as strong as titanium, but much lighter, so if Apple takes a move towards liquid metal won’t be a surprise.

One more thing to note is that according to the latest reports the next iPhone will be introduced at WWDC a couple of months away from now. However, we still think that it will be in October, when Apple finally demonstrates its mysterious gadget, just like it happened in case of iPhone 4S.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New iPhone 4S Campaign Featuring Samuel L. Jackson And Zooey Deschanel

Using celebrity endorsements in marketing campaigns is somewhat unusual for Apple ads, as historically all of its TV commercials have had a tendency to to put the product front and center. With Siri, being the chief point of difference of iPhone 4S, requiring human voice to demonstrate its abilities, Apple decided to use some of the “best” humans in the new campaign - Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson!

Separate commercials that have recently popped up across TV networks Zooey and Samuel that demonstrate both actors holding quite natural conversations with iPhone voice assistant. The ads show how helpful and productive Siri can be in various situations, discussing everything from the measurement conversions to weather forecast.

One thing to note is that ads do promote iPhone careers as well, with a Zooey Deschanel iPhone carrying a Verizon logo and AT&T's logo appearing on Samuel L. Jackson’s iPhone 4S. As there is no mention of Sprint, we should expect the third celebrity appearing with a Sprint iPhone 4S in the Apple TV ad soon. Before then, enjoy the videos provided below and do not hesitate to have your say in the comments.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will We See 3D In iPhone 5?

Multiple sources claiming that a 3D camera will definitely be incorporated in the next iPhone have now an argument to grasp on - the recent reports surfaced online are saying that Apple has been looking for a 3D technology expert. We checked and found that the job listing on Apple’s website says the following:

”Apple is looking for a Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group.
As a member of this team you should have a genuine interest in technology and be a skilled developer with knowledge and experience in Computer Vision, Image Analysis and 3D geometry.

To qualify for this position you should have a Ph.D. degree in a Computer Vision related field such as Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science. You should be a confident and experienced C programmer. “

With this said, it is very likely that future iPhones and iPads will feature 3D technology. Moreover, if we consider the fact that rival manufacturers like HTC and LG have already implemented 3D cameras and passive 3D displays onto some of their handsets, Apple should definitely apply the practice. 

However this invalidates the previous assumptions about so much awaited Apple’s stunning Retina display. Experts claim that Apple will find it quite difficult to part with the Retina display it boasts with so much, so 3D will not be integrated in iPhone 5, but is quite likely to be present in the next iDevices.

Moreover, as October seems to be the most likely date of iPhone 5 release, Apple would want to take a little more time perfecting the 3D implementation first…May it be iPhone 5 or not, one thing is clear – Apple has started working on 3D technology and will definitely amaze us with this feature for future releases.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPhone 5 Hits China In An Unusual Form

A bit strange, but strongly symbolic iPhone 5 hit China recently- an Ice Cream with Mango flavor, in shape of Apple’s iconic logo! Although it’s not available in the West yet, Chinese can now enjoy their iPhone 5s by…. EATING them!

You got it right; iPhone 5 is an ice cream brand in China with an English name. For those who didn’t quite get the metaphors – Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest Android version by Google, while Mango is the last update of Windows Phone by Microsoft. However there are iPhone 5s with peach flavor too, but there is no apple flavor available- because that would be weird.

The producers are not constrained to use the name as Apple didn't register its trademarks across a variety of industries. Not sure whether Apple approves to see iPhone 5 in this form, but one thing is obvious- iPhone 5 is quite popular in China.

It seems that iPhone 5 ice cream producers are not only creative and smart, but probably will encourage other Chinese companies from different industries to request iPhone trademarks for their products, may it be iPhone branded frozen snacks or other iDevice branded candies, chips or whatever…

Anyway, before we see the real iPhone 5, why not relax and enjoy life with an ice cream one?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Potential Looks Of iPhone 5

Remember we shared the potential designs of iPhone 5  back in September? Since then the topic has not lost actuality, moreover, it’s getting more and more timely day by day.

With the majority of sources claiming that iPhone 5 will be introduced in October, all we dream about is to have a look at the gadget before it officially arrives. Below you’ll find several possible prototypes that we found to be worth mentioning. Once you’ve checked them, do not hesitate to express your thoughts below in the comments. Read more ...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

According To The Designer iPhone 5 Will Be Revolutionary

According to a well-known French designer Philippe Starck who claims to have worked for the design of an upcoming iPhone, Apple will give birth to a "revolutionary" new product in just eight months.

“Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months,” said the designer in the show “Le Figaro” He declined to make further comments due to the “religious cult of secrecy” of Apple and added that the project is quite revolutionary, if not very. However one thing stays unclear: the “revolutionary” project can as successfully be Apple’s TV as the iPhone 5, as 8 months seem to be quite late for the next smartphone. 

Philippe Starck claims to have met with Steve Jobs once a month for seven years and that he continues to travel there to see Jobs' widow Laurene Powell. However this is not the evidence claiming that Starck is the source close to the matter, as the reason for the meetings could have been the 75 meter yacht he was working at with Steve.

However Apple denies the fact, with the spokeswoman saying that the company is not working on a new product with Starck and declined to speculate about what the designer might have been referring to when he told France Info Radio that he and Apple “have a big project together that will be out in eight months.” (?!)

The uncertainty reaches culmination, but there are some things that we are sure of, check out what we know about iPhone 5 so far and stay tuned not to miss any important update.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Burn The Wheels To Conquer CARUMBA!

Meet the next winner of our free app poll  - Carumba! a car racing game in 3D by TenPearls!  This exciting car racing game has been designed for both kids and adults to give them the real experience of car racing and control their cars with precision at high speeds via their iDevices.

Carumba! allows users to earn coins during the race, which can later be redeemed for additional nitro boosts, or used for unlocking other cars and tracks for the next levels. The game features Game Center Integration which enables users to have their names listed and their superior driving skills demonstrated in the Leaderboard through the Apple’s Social Gaming Network.

Moreover, further professionalization is available, enabling users to customize the experience through available selection of make and color of their cars, race tracks, and background music and background too. Multi-player mode is also available, allowing players to compete and race against each other, and schedule their races according to their convenience.

Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race is available in the Apple App Store  for free. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later to be fully functional.

For Developers: To become the next winner of the weekly poll and see the review of your app on our blog for FREE, get started now, check out:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top 6 Features To Expect In iOS 6

With Apple's annual instructions for developers - the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) - vastly believed to take start on June 11th in San Francisco's Moscone West, assumptions are commonly made that the Cupertino-based company possibly will take dark shadow of its iOS 6 during the event.

These rumors are strengthened by the recent reports from Moscone Center, claiming that a prevalent location for Apple events had been reserved for five days, starting on June 11 for a "corporate meeting." Whereas no official ratification has been made up to now, this date seems to be quite close to the real date Apple will begin the company's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), during which the company usually announces versions of OS X and iOS and other services.

The rumors about iOS 6 have been quite intense, but there is no official mention of the upcoming features yet. However, what we can do is to list up several features of the Apple’s new operating system that are quite desirable and will actually be useful.

1. SMS timestamps - although iPhone texting app does provide timestamp for some text messages we send, some are still left with no time and date hint, which is a headache for those users who’d like to know exactly when they sent an SMS or when one was delivered to them.

2. Default app configuration – despite the fact that iOS Safari is quite a convenient browser; it’d still be nice to have an option to substitute it with a different one from the existing alternatives. Same ability for Mail, Calendars, an address book, and so forth would be quite convenient for the users.

3. Option to observe data bandwidth consumption in real time and to control which active apps are the major bandwidth and memory users would be a great feature for those who find it difficult to choose one app and downloads tones of them.

4. Augmented cursor placement, included copy-paste support and text selection with a Bluetooth freestanding keyboard would be highly appreciated, not to mention the driver support option for using a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with the external keyboard, that’s a dream of many users.

5. For those who have several screens of their devices full of apps loaded up, and expect to add even more, better homescreen organization would be great feature, enabling them to categorize their apps in a group on a single screen.

6. And one more feature concerning categorization – giving users the ability to store groups of photos or screenshots in separate albums would also be quite appreciated, as the present camera roll and a photo stream get out of hand quite quickly.

Would you like to add something to the wishlist? Do not hesitate to have your say below in the comments. Also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter not to miss any important update about iOS 6.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What We Know About Upcoming iPhone 5 So Far

The rumors and expectations about Apple’s next smartphone – iPhone 5 or just a new iPhone – are out of control. 

With the numerous all sources claiming more or less different features, design, style and functionality of the yet unannounced phone it is a bit hard to figure out wtaht to believe and what to discard.

The first mention of iPhone 5 on our blog was back in last February, when the first wave of rumors thrilled the world - the previously unheard rumor of white iPhone 5 when the iPhone 4S was not yet even announced.

For some time after that, iPhone 5 lost actuality, but after a month the new wave of rumors was raised, claiming to see the device hitting stores in July 2011. Soon those who believed in this were disappointed severely, because reports indicated iPhone5 not to be included in Apple’s fiscal report, ending in September.

What happened next is that Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4S and crushed dreams of everyone expecting to get their hands on a device with different design and appearance. 

Since then, iPhone 5 was a bit forgotten for quite a long period of time, but after unveiling the next generation iPad, the rumors still began to circulate about what will be the next. To make sure you haven’t missed any of our articles regarding the upcoming smartphone by Apple, click on the titles to check the respective articles below:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iTunes 11 With iOS 6 Support Is In Works

Rendering trusted sources, Apple has just initiated internally developing the next major update of the iTunes app for PCs, namely iTunes 11. Exertion on iTunes 11 initiated preceding the iTunes 10.6 launch, and the advancement of the new app is presently concentrated on under-the-hood modifications, instead of enhancing changes. Nevertheless, Apple advances different parts of software in unconnected groups or at separate times, so the final result is highly expected to include some new user-interface features and more visible structure.

iTunes 11 is been in works as a version of iTunes that supports their upcoming iOS 6 release and future devices- iPhone 5 and a new iPod touch- as recently communicated. Apple normally releases new versions of iTunes together with foremost new OS’s and iDevices. According to another source, iTunes 11 could very well be a release coming farther down the road, while iTunes 11 is built to be iOS 6 compatible, so Apple may perhaps introduce additional iTunes 10.x point update as a simple iOS-6-compatiblity release.

Despite what’s discussed above, full iTunes Store and App Store renovation is on the go for a launch stuck between this summer and the fall, the rumors suggest. There is one more thing to take into consideration – the purchase Apple made earlier this year - a company called Chomp. The move definitely aimed to be driven with the successful refresh goal, as according to multiple independent hints the Chomp team has been fully incorporated into a team that specially exists in order to advance content detection within the iTunes and the App Store.

The image of an internal iTunes 11.0 build has leaked, that is the base of all the rumors that rose around the matter. An increased presence of iCloud integration seems to be included in the next iTunes, proved by the fact that there is a centralized dedicated iCloud settings panel within iTunes allowing users to control iCloud related features while in iTunes. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Few iPhone 5 Specs Leaked, New iPod To Come Along Too

The whole world’s expectations are focused towards the other big release by Apple, which is, obviously, the next iPhone. While the details are scarce around the upcoming iPhone 5 specs, design and features, we still managed to gather up some important information for you. 

The thing is that Apple is already internally testing a next-gen iPhone. Expectedly the design of the next iPhone will be completely different in form factor of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S – at least not to give competitors the evidence to criticize the similarity in their ads, like Samsung did.

Seemingly an inevitable assumption is that upcoming iPhone 5 will contain LTE, as executed within the new iPad released last month. However, we can never be 100% confident – predominantly with an Apple product that is not unveiled yet, but we can suppose that 4G will be on Apple’s sixth iPhone installment.

According to the recent reports, A5X chip is what the iPhone 5 prototype is being used primarily to test on. As usual, the boasting 1GB of RAM will also be present, while the new A5X processor would speed up an already responsive device. Moreover, the reports claim that iPhone prototypes house a modified iteration of the A5X’s S5L8945X architecture and are currently operating under the N96 codename. The thing to note here is that N95 was the name used to the release last October of the iPhone 4S.

One more great thing the recent reports bring up is the upcoming possible iPod Touch upgrade. Apple is suggestively planning fifth-gen touch, at this time being mentioned to as iPod 5,1 internally. Being such a target for the causal gamer and offering iOS experience on budget, iPod still stays as an important product for Apple and is suggested to feature a dual-core processor like the one the iPhone 4S boasts with. To be the first to know more about Apple’s upcoming products, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and make sure you don’t miss any important notice.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Backup Instagram Photos Before They Disappear - Recommended

The shocking news spread recently say that Facebook, the foremost social network, has splashed $1 billion on Instagram – photo editing and sharing community. The users of the Apple’s favorite social network are now facing a dilemma – due to the recent privacy violations Facebook was highly criticized, and with this said, many of the Instagram users are now fearing the worst for proto sharing network.

Despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has already said that Instagram will be kept around even after this huge sale has gone through, people are still very worried about the future of their favorite app and are expecting changes to the service over some time.

To take these concerns and uncertainty into consideration, introducing Instagram backup strategy seems to be quite timely. You no do not need to worry any more about losing your favorite pieces of art, as there is indeed a solution to handle over your Instagram credentials.

Luckily there’s a website called Instaport, allowing you to download either the whole Instagram stream or just the photos you’ve selected according to date ranges or the single tags used. All you need to make the use of the website is to log-in with your Instagram ID and password and once successfully signed in, you can choose the data range from which to download photos or pick the photos tagged in an individual basis. Moreover, you’re also allowed to download all the images you’ve ever liked or found interesting, even if they belong to other users. The images you request to download are saved in your device in a convenient .zip folder. 

After this simple and convenient process you’ll no longer need to worry about the possible changes Instagram may undergo with a new ownership. Even if you don’t plan to leave Instagram any time soon, it’s still rational to simply back up your photos, just in any case.

Monday, April 09, 2012

iPhone 5 Latest News – Siri To Be Changed?!

The present emphasis of iPhone 5 stories cover the phone's release date and awaited innovative design, but few latest rumors are focusing on the iPhone 4S's favorite feature- Siri modifications in the next smartphone by Apple.

Rendering the tech analysts from various news blogs, not only can we suppose to see iOS 6 introduced on the new iPhone, but we can also assume to see Siri experience a significant upgrade in its interface. It’s been widely suggested that Siri on the next iPhone (iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called) will be activated by simply shaking the device. This suggests that the currently occupied long-holding of home button will now be free and will be dedicated to some other feature. 

As prompted, a variety of enhanced commands such as website searches, navigation, and social media sharing will be possible through the issuing of a simple command, but there is no mention of voice detection of the Apple’s intelligent assistant. Integrating this feature would definitely reduce the number of complaints towards Apple about the “falsely advertised” Siri capabilities.

The advancement to iOS 6 is pretty much agreed, but unfortunately there is no single rational evidence of its upcoming features, despite the one that we’ve already discussed. Another thing to note is that while we all do have high hopes for a summer launch of iPhone 5, there is higher probability that the new iPhone will be introduced in October, as its ancestors historically did. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have something new to share.

Monday, April 09, 2012

AT&T To Officially Unlock Your iPhones

Finally, beginning on Sunday, AT&T permits iPhone owners whose agreements have expired to unlock their phones. In the other words, AT&T allows to remove the constraints that bind iPhone owners to the carrier. This has been a problem for quite a long time, but majority of users still managed to use SIM cards of other operators via jailbreaking and installing unofficial software.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel has confirmed the news in his interview on Friday, April 6th, saying that the only requirement for the official unlocking is that the account has to be in good standing and it can’t be associated with a current long-term commitment with AT&T. According to Mark Siegel, customers who fit the requirements above will have the option to having their phones unlocked remotely or coming into an AT&T retail store.

The decision of officially unlocking iPhones is a quite extraordinary one for AT&T. Currently Apple offers unlocked iPhones via its online store, with the price tags starting at $649 for the 16-gigabyte model. However the carriers normally sponsor the cost of their smartphones and then “lock” them to their network, to guarantee that customers don’t just buy the devices and run off, but remain and pay for the well-paid monthly service and data plans.

After the successful unlock process AT&T allows, iPhone owners will be able to purchase and use SIM cards of any compatible network around the world on their iPhones, such as, for example, T-Mobile in the United States. However the users with unlocked iPhones won’t be able to use their phones on Verizon’s network, due to the fact that the later uses the technology incompatible with AT&T.

As mentioned in the start, the ability to unlock an iPhone has been open for several years now, but only over jailbreaking, or installing some illegal software on the phone. This innovative move by AT&T made it legitimate- so you no longer have to risk your precious iPhone functionality to get the best use of it!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Change The Way You Read News On iPhone/iPod Touch With NewsFeed!

It’s Monday and traditionally, the time has come to introduce our Free App Poll winner to our readers: meet NewsFeed!

This free app promises to change the way you read the news on your iDevices, with its unique ability to be completely compatible with Google Reader for iPhone and iPod Touch. NewsFeed is a new client that utilizes the system CoverFlow to let us glance literally the unloaded news from our Goggle Reader account. Below you’ll find some of the most important features of NewsFeed:

Possibility to record the news as "read/unread";
Possibility to visualize the web site that linked the news;
Possibility to save the new on our favorites;
Possibility to visualize a quickly preview of the news that we are viewing and many more.

Despite the few but important features mentioned above, NewsFeed allows you to quickly share the news you’re reading with your friends via integrated social networks, including Facebook, Twitter or via an email. Moreover, if there is no news on the website you’re subscribed to, the app gives you possibility to take a look at the news archive published in the past. 

NewsFeed also offers ultrafast loading of images of single article previews with the ability to disable image preview when using 3G. Also the badge in the springboard is available, letting us quickly visualize the number of unread news.

The app is available in the Apple App Store news category for free. You need to own either an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad running iOS 4.0 or later.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

iOS 5.1 Codes Suggest Upcoming iPhone 5 Features

The latest product from Apple, the new iPad has received much high compliments for the high resolution retina display it has, but there is one thing that everyone worries about - a 4G LTE-capable option has provoked quite a few debates over whether Apple's new iPhone will be 4G-ready.

However, according to several trusted sources Apple’s next iPhone, probably iPhone 5 will definitely be a 4G LTE iPhone, and iOS 5.1 has the code to prove it. When using an iFile on a jailbroken iPhone 4, you’re able to find the code strings that hint to 4G connectivity actions during phone calls, including code that ends a 4G call when FaceTime is activated. Here is a transcribed code from the screenshot you see above:

"4G_ON_CALL_OK_DISABLE" = "Disable";
"4G_ON_CALL_OK_ENABLE" = "Enable";
"4G_ON_CALL_WARNING_DISABLE" = "Disabling 4G will end your phone call. Are you sure you want to disable 4G?";
"4G_ON_CALL_WARNING_ENABLE" = "Enabling 4G will end your phone call. Are you sure you want to enable 4G?";
"4G_ON_FACETIME_4G_WARNING_DISABLE" = "Disabling 4G will end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 4G?";
"4G_ON_FACETIME_WIFI_WARNING_DISABLE" = "Disabling 4G may end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 4G?";
"4G_TEXT" = "Using 4G loads data faster, but may decrease battery life.”

If you think this is a mock up or at least doubt the code to be true, you can check it yourself – the code is available in this file: var/stash/Applications/

As the experience suggests, codes are usually quite a reliable sign that something is in the process of development. However we cannot definitely say that iPhone 5 will be 4G LTE-ready, but one thing is clear- if the hardware allows, 4G can already be implemented, as 4G connectivity is already inserted into the latest version of iOS.

The thing that may hinder phones using LTE is still battery life, a feature that is the most heavily criticized in current 4G phone reviews globally. If Apple manages to solve the existing battery issues, much rumored 4G LTE in smaller mobile devices like the next iPhone is quite realistic. What do you think? Let us know your opinion below in the comments.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Instagram War – Android Ruining iPhone Society Comfort?

Since the very moment Instagram finally became available for Android users too, the iOS society has begun a tweet war against newbies in Instagram society. The rift between iPhoners and Androiders was highlighted by “but that was OUR app!” tweets and soon blew the whole internet space.

Much of iPhone users complained that Android users appeared in their Instagram feed, while more even made more radical announcements, by warning Android users not to connect with them on Instagram if they used Google’s mobile OS.

Being nominated as Apple’s favorite app, Instagram developers said that the app performed much better on Android than on iOS. Since Instagram was considered as an Apple’s exclusive app, but it seems that we forgot one thing- the app is a third-party one, and the developers owe us nothing… So they are free to do whatever they want with their app.

And one more thing… why don’t we just welcome our Android friends to Instagram society? Instead of barking that they ruin our comfort, let’s just persuade them that we can take awesome photos, much better than they do, that iPhone camera is more functional than those of their smartphones, and prove that they should all move to iOS one bright day! If you disagree, do not hesitate to have your say below in the comments.