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Check The Updated iOS 7 Notification Center Concept

After a few announcements with slight user interface alterations, it is reasonable that Apple may be in works on fairly a lot of changes for its forthcoming release of iOS 7. Now when it’s several months since iOS 6 release and the first major update – iOS 6.1 is around the corner, the next iOS version is what we are all wondering about.

Well known for creating other concepts in the past, a designer dubbed as BlogB13 has put together a follow-up video of what he supposes the Notification Center in the upcoming iOS 7 may look like.

Depicting an updated Notification Center with a much cleaner UI, the video breakdowns all of the notifications into icons: tapping on these icons will bring up all of the notifications related with a specific app, from where the list of possible actions is offered, including texting and giving a call.

The video also portrays third-party widgets, which have been extensively expected in iOS. Since the iOS 5 launch, when we saw the first iteration of Notification Center, Apple has shipped a few built-in widgets, such as Weather and Stocks, none of the developers have been given the right to create their own widgets. However, this concept demonstrates Twitter and Instagram widgets with iOS 7 functioning perfectly; giving us a bit of hope that Apple will someday allow third-party widgets in its upcoming iOS versions.

With Apple historically introducing the improvements to its iOS at WWDC, taking place in June this year, it seems we won’t encounter much official data till then. So before the formal introduction, we’re free to speculate as much as we wish. Check the video concept provided below and do not hesitate to voice up in the comments!