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Make Free Voice Calls Via Facebook Messenger For iPhone

Earlier this month Facebook has started testing free calling over Wi-Fi and cellular data for all Messenger for iPhone users in Canada. With the promise that the service in the US would launch soon, it seems the test passed well- a new free calling button has just appeared in the app!

World’s largest social network has confirmed that the feature began rolling out to US users today, and there is no need for updating the app through the App Store. What you need to make a call to other Facebook user is to open a conversation with that person, tap the "i" button in the top-right corner, and select Free Call option. This means that users living in the US can now call other Facebook users for free over Wi-Fi or using your phone's data connection while you're on the go. When on a call, a push notification appears on their screen that says who is calling. This new feature is of a critical importance for those having poor cell service at work or at home, and for those who want to conserve cell phone minutes. 

The call quality sounds have been confirmed to be quite good, and will certainly make the competition tougher for Vonage, Viber and Skype – have been offering the feature for some time now.

Having had a partnership with Skype for video calling inside Facebook's website since summer 2011, what Facebook Messenger still notably lacks is a video calling feature. However, no details are revealed and there’s no further information about an international rollout of this very useful feature through its Messenger for Android app, or VoIP calling through its website. Stay positive, as we do hope these things are to come soon as well!