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Never Be Late For Work With Tic Toc Timers For iPhone

The winner of our Free App Poll this week is Tic Toc Timers by Sliday Ltd! This free app for iOS guarantees that you’ll always call back in a timely fashion, your hot dates will never be late for dinner and you’ll never miss your next intergalactic flight just because you’ve overslept.

Tic Toc Timers for iPhone takes the world to the next level by managing your time and Getting Things Done (GTD)! The incomplete list of the app features includes the following:

Cutting-edge multiple timers for Getting Things Done;
The timer that reminds users with enchanting icons for instant recall;
The perfect GTD app that you can rely upon;
Incredibly appealing timers, definitely one of a kind.

With a powerful recalling mechanism that makes Tic Toc Timers a peerless GTD app you’ll never ever need to memorize your “to do list.”

To cut a long story short, Tic Toc Timers supports your brain in remembering your memory power easily by demonstrating related images of your work to be done. With Tic Toc Timers you’ll be surprised to find out that recalling is a much more powerful mechanism than simply memorizing, as with this free app:

An icon cup can be used for recalling a coffee date you had planned with your significant other. 
Egg icon will remind you about the food you planned on buying at the store. 

Here’s brief description of how the Tic Toc Timers Work - if you need a reminder after a certain period of time, such as for buying dozen of eggs on the way from work, you can simply see the image of an egg and recall the task. The app developers promise you’ll find this creative way of remembering incredibly appealing.

Tic Toc Timers is available in the Apple App Store for free and requires iOS 4.3 or later to be fully functional. So go and grab this amazing remembering tool and never be late for work anymore!

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