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Track Your Home And Business With mSpy For iPhone

Reflected as the number one spyware for iPhone  by the independent experts, mSpy is a cross-platform app with huge amount of services, allowing you to track and monitor the digital life of any target person, with his/her authorization, of course.

A lot of smartphone users wonder how to get insight into the tech-life of your children, restrict their access to inappropriate content and shield from the dangers of the mobile world. Or if you’re one of those who’d like to make sure your employees are working during office hours and figure out star performers in your business, by blocking access to entertaining websites for increasing productivity, this cell spy app is just for you!

Focusing on tailored and user-friendly tablet and mobile phone tracking keys, mSpy brings the latest developments in mobile monitoring technology. Whether you are a business owner or a worried parent, this app will bring state-of-the-art Home and Business solutions that suit your discrete needs and bring guaranteed results at affordable price. With the two choices – one for Home observing and another for your Business tracking, mSpy will guarantee safe atmosphere both in your family and company. Here are the benefits of both alternatives:

• Home Usage - Parental control
For keeping your children away from the websites with provocative content by monitoring their web browsing, and tracking their mobile activities to ensure their safety and prevent any harm. 

• Business Usage - Employee's Control
To prevent catastrophic data leaks or any inappropriate behavior in your company. mSpy Business tablet and smartphone monitoring software can help you pinpoint lazy or dishonest employees by keeping track of their productivity.

The mSpy features include:

• SMS Tracking (outgoing, received and deleted). Remotely read all text messages;
• GPS Location Tracking. See the location of the target phone from any web browser. GPS logging;
• Record Call Details (even deleted). Call Logging of all incoming and outgoing calls;
• Websites blocking & Browser history tracking. Track all web browser activity on the target cell phone;
• Record Surroundings;
• Remotely block the phone;
• Remotely block applications and many more...

The free 7-day trial of mSpy is available here, and once you decide to buy the software for your home or business, it is available at