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Discover Secret Information About Your Friends And Family Via “He is She is”

With the App Store being crowded by tones of different apps with various functions, you’ll find it hard to get the app as useful and unique as “He is She is”. Using your own personal opinion of someone to generate results, ‘He is She is’ will discover secret information about your friends and family. By letting the app calculate and analyze results from a set of keywords, users are allowed to track patterns of one or more individuals immediately or over an extended period.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Swedish, ‘He is She is’ only requires an accurate checklist that will help you find out what exactly is going on with you, your spouse, your friends and even your own mother.

This comprehensive personality test application comes with a few extras to help you monitor the behavior of anyone in your life, such as the ability to even analyze celebrities, whether they’re sexually addicted, hyper, paranoid, stressed, an alcoholic and even a cheater!

The app also comes with a few extras to help you monitor the behavior of anyone in your life. You can even use it to analyze celebrities! The app comes with a quick how-to and a UI that’s easy to navigate, making it easy for you to attribute the descriptors to each profile . Here’s the whole how-to of ‘He is She is’:

1. The first thing you see is a "Help" page on how the app works. Click on the page.
2. Inside the app, you will see the page with the label Assign keywords:
a. There is a mock profile. You can see the results of this profile, double-click on the profile.
b. You can add as many profiles as you want by clicking on the + sign (upper right side)
3. You can delete a profile (long) press profile 
4. You can assign keyword over a longer period or put assign very behavior / keyword direct. 
5. To see the words that are too long just tap on the keyword and look below. 
6. Dashboard is where you can see exactly when you did put a certain keyword, can be used as proof for yourself. From there you can also see chart, click the chart icon.

On top of realizing that there’s something wrong with someone that needs to be addressed, 'He is She is' also allows users to add as many profiles as needed, and even delete profiles, as well as lets you take a look at someone’s behavior in a single day. The results may be distributed in a pie chart and two graphs.

'He is She is' is available in the Apple App store for just $0.99. Go and grab it  now, and learn the secrets of your friends and family!