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How To Fix “Cannot Connect Error” For App Store Or iTunes In iOS 6 (iPhone/iPad)

If you have been getting the frustrating error - “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”, then you are not alone. The error has been seen in devices which has upgraded to iOS 6 or above. I have tried restoring my device multiple times and it did not fix the issue either. Fortunately, I did find a solution in the support forums of Apple and hope to detail the steps below so that you can also fix the error on your iPhone or iPad.

The Quick Fix

Step 1 - Go to Settings

Step 2 - Turn off automatic time and date settings by going into General > Date and Time > Set Automatically > Off.

Step 3 - Change date in your device to one year ahead and try updating your apps. If the issue is not solved, then try to change the automatic date and time to ON and try again. This will probably solve your issue of iTunes Store connectivity for the iTunes app, the App Store as well as Passbook-compatible apps. 

You can also see that the rows in the bottom of the app store change their order to add the “Charts” and “Genius” instead of the “Categories” section previously. 

I hope this quick fix will be helpful to your iPhone or iPad frustrations! Do sound off in the comments if this worked for you or if you found another way to fix the problem. 

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