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iPhone 6 With 4.8" Screen About To Enter Production

Recent reports indicate that the iPhone 6 is preparing to enter production, ahead its suggested launch date in June. The new flow of rumors has started floating recently, mentioning a phablet-sized iPhone, which is already confirmed to be the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek states that Apple is at present undertaking trials of the next model of the iPhone and the legendary iPhone Mini, apparently in the surroundings of its Cupertino Campus. Both devices are suggested to enter the production process in March. The analyst also verified tenacious speculations that the iPhone 6, also casually dubbed the iPhone 5S, will feature to a 4.8-inch display, up from the four-inch display that debuted on the iPhone 5.

The same is being suggested by an unconnected report from the China Times, also stating that Apple will go in the fast-growing phablet market this year with an iDevice that teams smartphone functionality with scopes that approach on tablet area.

Peter Misek also reverses estimation that the phone will be armed with a super HD camera, Near Field Communications tools to up the handset’s identifications as a digital wallet, enhanced battery life and 128GB of storage. Additionally, it is also suggested that Apple will introduce its seventh generation device in a range of color options, including green, yellow, blue, purple, silver, red and slate.

With nothing being confirmed officially yet, we suggest you take these rumors with a grain of salt- Apple’s so unpredictable that neither of this may appear to be true.