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iWatch Being Tested By Apple And Foxconn

Back in the rumor mill recently, Apple iWatch is being heavily discussed; suggested to be tested by Apple and Foxconn. An extract from the NYT recent report reads:

“In its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass, according to people familiar with the company’s explorations, who spoke on the condition that they not be named because they are not allowed to publicly discuss unreleased products. Such a watch would operate Apple’s iOS platform, two people said, and stand apart from competitors based on the company’s understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body.”

Jessica E. Lessin, reporting for the WSJ adds:

“Apple Inc. is experimenting with designs for a watch-like device that would perform some functions of a smartphone, according to people briefed on the effort. The company has discussed such a device with its major manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., one of these people said, as part of explorations of potentially large product categories beyond the smartphone and tablet.”

The features of a rumored iOS device that you’d strap around your wrist are suggested to include mobile payments, proximity logins, notification projection, Siri integration and many more. If the reports quoted above are to be believed, the device is somewhat quite likely to be true.

As usual, several mock-up designs are suggested by various artists, each claiming their version of the iWatch to be closer to the truth. We provide all of them below, leaving it up to you to decide which one is better. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments.