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Send A Bear Hug To Anyone You Wish

This week’s winner of our Free App Poll is Talking Bear Hugs by AppVillage! This free fun app allows you to send a personalized animated video message for your loved ones by recording them in your own voice! Sending a bear hug with "Wafer" the cutest talking bear who loves to laugh and give hugs is what would definitely make every recipient smile!

 The feature list of Talking Bear Hugs for iPhone includes:

Poke and torment Wafer or ask him to give us and your phone a large bear hug;
Record your personalized summary and have Wafer contend it in his possess plain-spoken and loveable voice;
Save it as a fun video or share it around email and Facebook;
Get Suzie a Panda in-app.

The latest version of Talking Bear Hugs – v1.0.3 brought the following improvements:

Revised tracking code;
Revised product description;
Revised send-a-hug email and other minor fixes.

This app works for you to send birthday, holiday or greeting message, promising you stay original and make your loved ones really happy. The good think to know is that the developers promise more animated 3D bears are releasing soon!

Talking Bear Hugs is available in the Apple App Store for free, and requires iOS 5.0 or later to be functional on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Go and grab it now and send a bear hug with "Wafer" the cutest talking bear who loves to laugh and give hugs!

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