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What May Larger “iPhone Plus” Look Like

Amongst stories of a meaningfully larger iPhone release, some significant mock-ups of the possibly upcoming device have been developed according to the recent speculations. Considering the measures of iPhone 5, which are already quite large, the suggested mock-ups show that it is pretty possible that Apple achieves an iPhone with a nearly 5-inch display without compromising on the existing app ecosystem quality.

Often dubbed as an iPhone Math”, or more likely “iPhone Plus”, the larger-screened device is plausible as an additional mode, and not a replacement alongside the 4”-screened iPhone. With a fair chance that the device may have 4.94”, 16:9 screen, the Retina iPad-Mini screens with iPhone 5 resolution would quite successfully fit the device, if Apple keeps the rest of the design sized like an iPhone 5. The recent reports claim that “an 1136x640 screen matching the iPhone 5's resolution but blown up to the Retina iPad's 264 pixels-per-inch resolution would measure 4.94 inches diagonally.”

 The “iPhone Plus” is suggested to maintain the same relative proportions as the iPhone 5, while the screen will measure somewhere between the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II – it’s two main Android competitors.

Check the suggested mock-ups after the jump, showing what Apple's larger-screen iPhone may look like, as well as the iPhone Plus compared with Galaxy Note phablet and the flagship S III. Do not hesitate to share your impressions in the comments below.