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Apple Announced To Be ‘World’s Most Admired Company’ Of 2013!

You’re probably aware of Fortune Magazine’s annual list that is compiled with the world’s most admired companies, considering their financial performance, products and brand impact among consumers. The last 5 years the list was led by Apple, and 2013 is no exception – for the sixth year in a row, Apple managed to maintain its lead as the “World’s Most Admired Company”! Apple is head of big brands such as Google, FedEx and even Walt Disney and Washington-based Starbucks!

One of the key points used in the poll is a review done to many corporate executives concerning which firms they admire the most. In spite of many fears of the company’s leisurely decease after the leaving of its co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, perceived by some as nearly unavoidable, Apple’s sales statistics and customer appeal keep on being very robust. As defined on Fortune’s official; website, the company’s denial to contest on the prices of its goods, while maintaining a faithful customer base that deliver an endless stream of sales at the same time, has produced its name as the most lucrative company in the world over the previous year.

Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor at Large at Fortune, thinks that many are supposing Apple to reinvent the wheel every time it announces a new product. He commented: “The world expects miracles from Apple. So much so that the absence of one on a regular schedule spells doom to some.”

As usual, the 2013 list Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” mainly consists of technology companies as well as long-time American household brands. The technology companies following Apple include: Google, Amazon and IBM, none of which manage to make it to the top spot. However, Google appeared to be one of the most desirable companies to work at. Here’s the list of the Fortune’s top 10: