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How To Let The World Hear About Your App

Nowadays it’s quite hard to develop the app that breaks through the noise, as there is an app for this, an app for that, an app for anything one may ever think of! So if you still happen to develop an app that you believe is unique and will definitely find its niche in this highly saturated market with numerous competitors along the way, the problem you face is how to let your potential audience hear about its existence.

The options are numerous, both paid and free, with number of websites, ad agencies, online media companies and PR firms suggesting their service for free or in exchange for a certain fee. The dilemma you stand in front of comprises a complex comparison process among different mediums all promising to make your app popular in smartphone users.

Despite the website traffic stats, Page Rank and other stuff you already know you should pay attention to, there are some other important aspects while choosing a right medium for your app promotion. The best way to use a large database of websites offering a review service is to look for sites that have already reviewed apps similar to yours. Also you should try to avoid biggest websites as they typically don’t actively ask for apps to review so chances are they will need to find your app themselves - this is where getting exposure on other review sites can actually help.

You can always do the work the marketing service offers you yourself. So one of the practical recommendations is to calculate how much your time costs and find the right balance between your estimate and the promotion cost. If you’re looking for a service that will do site submissions for you (both for English and non-English sites) then check out PromoArrow.