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iPhone 5S To Be Released In August, Next iPads To Arrive In April

Apple is reported to be in works for the release of the iPhone 5S for this summer. The device is expected to arrive in August. However, the next-gen iPads, presumably the iPad 5 and potentially the iPad mini 2, may also debut, but much sooner- the devices will allegedly arrive in April!

There is not much known about the next iPhone. However, sources claiming to be familiar with the matter suggest that the iPhone 5S does indeed have the same basic design as the iPhone 5, while the difference lays in a more advanced processor and an improved camera. As for the iPhone 5, Apple has managed to reduce the thinness, thus managed to avoid compromising the overall quality. In case of the upcoming iPhone 5S, the target is to once again raise the bar in terms of iPhone optics, including a much better camera in fundamentally the same casing.  Given the past history of S-class iPhones, we should not expect huge surprises, though.

As for the next-generation iPads, it’s not known for sure what features the devices may come with. However, the April launch is getting a serious consideration and the iPad 5 casings have even begun to leak. With a sole redesign in the line, the suggested concepts may actually make sense. As for the iPad mini with a retina display, sadly, it still doesn’t sound imminent.

With the new rumors surfacing almost on a daily basis, the differences are all about timelines, while iPhone 5S and new iPad models stay popular. It’s also widely considered that hardware alone isn't enough, and iOS and iCloud will be the most important issues going forward.