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Managing And Securing Your iOS Devices

According to a survey conducted by UK Internet Service Provider, Timico, 42.5% of companies in the UK spend up to 5 hours each day manually managing mobile devices. 14% of these companies spend one working day per week managing their devices. Gartner reported that on average companies spend $2,500.00 per year manually managing each device. With the massive increase of smartphones and tablets such as iPhones and iPads in business, this problem is only getting worse.

Thankfully, 3CX Mobile Device Manager is making it much easier to manage iOS devices. The online service allows users to manage their connected iOS devices from one place. Check the apps installed on each one, remotely install or remove apps, see where the device is at any time and where it has been.

3CX MDM also provides security – users can remotely lock a device and change the password in order to prevent unauthorized use. Users can also completely wipe the data from an iOS device should it be lost or stolen, even if it isn’t connected to the internet, meaning that sensitive corporate data will not get exposed. 

Sign up for your Free 5 Device 3CX Mobile Device Manager account today to see how easy it is to manage all your mobile devices.