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Purported iPhone 5S Images Demonstrate Home Button And Vibrator Parts

With the rumors about the upcoming smartphone surfacing day by day, the newly leaked parts for the next-generation smartphone have become the top subject of discussion recently. The images are rumored to demonstrate the parts of the iPhone 5S, and come from a Japanese electronics parts vendor, which on the other hand claims to have gotten its hands on a couple of 5S components.

The first image demonstrates a Home button and looks slightly different from its predecessors. The 5S button has a much longer flex cable, which appears to be fit for different internals. 

As for the second one, it’s suggested to be a 5S vibrator motor, with a flex cable that looks like it connects to its volume rocker and mute switch and looks more compact than its predecessor.

According to some reports noting that their serial numbers look similar to those on authentic Apple parts, with the serial number on the back of the iPhone 5 Home button beginning with an ’821’. 

Generally, these pieces seem to line up with prior reports that propose the iPhone 5S will look very much like the 5. The phone is rumored to have an advanced camera system and a fingerprint scanner, but we’ve yet to see any indication supporting that.