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Two New iPhone 5 TV Ads Aired Today!

Apple has just aired two new TV ads for it’s yet the latest iPhone 5. Both ads have the same brief, thus eloquent description – “With an iPhone, there's an app for that. And that. And that.”

Being one of those companies who are extremely meticulous and consistent when it comes to marketing and advertising, Apple’s TV ad campaigns have become famous all over the world in recent years for their simplicity and insistence of concentrating purely on the products.

The recently posted ads last for around thirty-seconds and fall in line with the app based promotion that was initially presented with the iPad campaigns aired during the Oscars last month.

The first ad called ‘Brilliant’ focuses on the word ‘Sweet’ before displaying apps that allow users to create delicious sweet desserts. There is also a brief appearance of Apple’s own Cards apps from the same category. As for the second one, titled as “Discover”, advert focuses on apps that allow users to discover new things, whether that be about the world we live in or just learning how to do different things like playing the guitar. Many already popular apps are featured, including Infinity Blade, Cards, Passbook, Elements, Shazam, Yelp and even the Phillips Hue Lighting which app also gets a run.

Check out the videos provided below for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.