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Will French Buyers Go For Unlocked iPhone?

France was among the countries selected by Apple iPhone for the first wave of unlocked 33GB 4S units that the company will sell. The other countries were Canada, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Apple handsets sell big in these countries.

France records the world’s third largest iPhone penetration, according to a study made by Kantar. The European country was also one of the first to get an iPhone when the handset was launched in 2007. The nation famous for fashion has a rich history with the American smartphone manufacturer. It could be one reason why they are among the markets selected for unlocked iPhone sales. Now the question is, was that a reward? Are unlocked units worth every penny? 

Unlocked iPhone will be sold in France for at least FRF 4847.00 (960 USD), a price that is way higher than the contracted counterpart. The biggest benefit of an unlocked iPhone is that owners can use ANY mobile network whether they are in North America, Europe, or Asia. Through this phone, you'll have the liberty to use a micro-SIM or SIM card, and avail the service of a local carrier at your destination. Another benefit that an unlocked iPhone gives is the freedom to switch internet networks. Some internet providers are pretty expensive while some just can’t offer quality services once you and your iPhone go abroad. In France, most people use their mobile computers to make calls, send or read emails, read news on Agence France-Presse, or play some partypoker games. For them, internet is involved in everything they do. 

Here is an example of how the French got frustrated with their iPhones. In a report by online gaming regulator ARJEL, mobile games like online poker are what most French access on their smartphones. The simulation game gets good following in France year to year. Many consumers look for handsets with fast and reliable internet access because each virtual poker game relies heavily on internet connection. If their handsets have an incompetent web access, chances are they’ll end up on the wrong end of the poker game they joined. Online poker games are also playable anywhere, and for one who travels a lot, internet access might be a hindrance. In going from one place to another, there’s no assurance that you’ll get the same quality of web access. 

Internet games like online poker are just one of many things that the French market would consider in buying an unlocked iPhone. They are also wary of the quality of the mobile network providers in their location. This is the first time that Apple will sell unlocked iPhones and the company might have chosen the right market. For French customers, this is their time to walk away from long mobile network contracts. Unlocked iPhone 4S are sold on official Apple stores. You can also check them on eBay or Amazon.