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Check If Your iPhone Warranty Is Valid

While iPhone is quite and expensive device to own, the repair service relatively costs more than your average device. So having the warranty system in place in the event of a problem is quite valuable. iPhone users benefit from the one-year manufacturer’s cover, meaning that those who have recently purchased an iPhone can head over to Apple for a repair in case of hardware or software failure.

Those who are unsure whether their iPhone has any kind of warranty with Apple can easily find it out either if their device is broken, or just for peace of mind. Support division of Apple official web site will help you find the answer effortlessly:

Navigate to the Apple’s support page concerning warranty issues and type in your device’s serial number found usually somewhere on the back of your device. Once the alphanumeric code is typed in, one of the two things mentioned below will happen:

1. Either your purchase date cannot be validated -  this means you need to type in the accurate date you bought your Apple device from the store and submit your proof of purchase if required;

2. Or your purchase has been validated – in this case you’ll be provided with all kinds of useful information, including whether your Telephone Technical Support and Repairs and Service Coverage are active, and when they are going to expire. Moreover, you’ll be notified about the ability to extend your warranty through the AppleCare program if your device is eligible for one.