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Get Enhanced Special FX Capabilities With iVideo

Meet another winner of our Free App Poll – iVideo for iPhone- the only 4-way split screen video camera app available in the App Store! The app enables you to vided four live camera or playbacks at the same time – this feature can be used to pre-select special FX for recording, or to review multiple videos side-by-side by just pinching to expand/contract full screen views.

Being a revolutionary new app for creating stunning video special FX, iVideo enables viewing a LIVE preview of any special FX, applied to the actual scene you are recording, and then apply it to your video - all in real time – and all these available while you are recording!

The app features unique design that makes using FX on iVideo as simple as possible. It is available to enjoy the confidence of seeing how special FX impact your videos BEFORE you select them, as well as the freedom of FX choise and intensities - all while recording a new video. 

Moreover, a switch between the front and back cameras while recording is also available! Once you’re done, you can upload and share your videos with your friends on Facebook, as well as play your video creations on your AirPlay-connected HDTV!
iVideo is available in the Apple App Store for FREE! So go and grab it, and get enhanced special FX capabilities on your iPhone!

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