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iBeetle – New Volkswagen Car With iPhone Integration

With the previous massive rumors of Apple building an iCar appearing to be far from truth, it seems Apple has partnered with Volkswagen to help create the iBeetle instead of building the vehicle themselves. Designed in coordination with Apple, the newly introduces iBeetle boasts integration with the iPhone through Volkswagen's iBeetle app, with the ability to provide access to entertainment and diagnostic functions.

Volkswagen clears things up morel, stating the following:

“ Volkswagen conceptualized the iBeetle for the debut of iPhone 5 integration – it is one of the first cars in the world to have a genuine integrative interface for the iPhone that was coordinated with Apple.

When the app is launched, it can either connect the iPhone to the Beetle (“docked”), or not (“undocked”) – the driver or front passenger decides that. As soon as the iPhone connects to the data network of the Beetle via the app and the docking station (“docked”), it all begins.”

The Volkswagen app includes the access to the following functions:

The iBeetle will be available at the beginning of 201, while the advance sales are already begin in October this year. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about the iBeetle in the comments below.