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Make Your Sleep A True Work Of Art With ibis Sleep Art

The winner of our Facebook Free App Poll this week is ibis Sleep Art – a free app that captures and sketches your movements throughout the night to create a beautiful abstract painting of your night’s sleep!

Here’s how it works- you have to set up the Sleep Art alarm and place the iPhone on your bad. Please make sure that the device is plugged in and switched on before you go to sleep. Try to avoid picking up or touching the phone during the night, and once you wake up to an abstract painting of your night’s sleep will be available for sharing with friends and family via email or Facebook!

The incomplete list of ibis Sleep Art main features includes:

• Sleep Art picture;
• Sleep Art alarm tune;
• Sleep Art Gallery to compare all your night’s sleep;
• Post to Facebook, email function;
• Uses the hyper-sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor movement and breathing during sleep;
• Data translated to ‘brush strokes’ to create the Sleep Art picture.

ibis Sleep Art is available in the Apple App Store for free, so go and grab the app now and make your sleep a true work of art!

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