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A Gorgeous Plastic iPhone 6 Concept

It seems a single day can’t go by without some sort of iPhone or iOS concept. With majority of them being not quite original or innovative, the latest one to pop up at the end of the long concept conveyor belt is actually rather good.

The concept demonstrates what Apple iPhone 6 will look like in mind of the concept creator Ran Avni. What makes us think that the concept is far from being implemented is the plastic covering of the device, unlike the current iPod touch and iPad mini design. As usual, the device will be available in two colors and doesn’t differ a lot from the iPhone 5.

Apple is considered to implement the plastic device in a low-budget iPhone which has been rumored for ages, and as for the premium one, the aluminum case would suit better. However, nothing can be claimed yet, till the companies that are making the iPhones, or a case maker leaks one of its new designs.

By then, check the provided video concept below and do not hesitate to share your impressions in the comments.