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Go Hardcore And Crash Enemy Bases With Air Dodger!

This week’s winner of our Free App Poll is Air Dodger! By combining two main features of a successful game — mobile adapted mechanics and full-scale PvP mode, this free game allows you go hardcore and start to crash enemy bases!

The gameplay is brief – you need to use your enemies’ force against them, find unique collections of nebulas and stars and advance to Star Captain of Galaxy Exploring Force! Your way to dominance in the Universe lays through hordes of space monsters and other players. But faithful assistant Virid knows the way of using enemy resources for your benefit. 

The long list of Air Dodger features includes:

 Raids on other players' star bases.
Unique game mechanics;
Lots of unique enemies;
6 brand-new space ships;
25 special artifacts to upgrade your ship;
Nebulas and stars collections.;
Friends’ challenges and many more!

The latest version of Air Dodger 1.0.1 brought a handful of new features including:

New Icon!
More stars placed into space!
Fixed negative coins bug;
Fixed some crashes and bugs.

Air Dodger is available in the Apple App Store for Free and requires iOS 5.0 or later to be functional on your iPad. So go and grab the game now, and do not hesitate to share your impressions in the comments below!

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