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Images Of iPhone 5S Parts Leak In High Quality

With the most early hardware leaks getting annoying day by day, the anticipation of Apple’s next smartphone is getting harder to endure. The majority of leaked images have quality issues, it seems the sources leak a respectable camera to take a decent shot before distributing images to eager tech fiends. This time it’s different – the images shared across the web recently, claiming to be the internal hardware parts of the upcoming iPhone 5S, boast with fairly high quality, at least not hurt the eyes of enthusiastic Apple fans.

Being touted as components of the next-generation Apple smartphone, the images demonstrate the vibrator / audio control flex cable and nano-SIM tray for iPhone 5S. However the hardware itself actually hardly tells as anything truly noteworthy. Anyway, it’s still nice to have a clear look, despite the parts being quite alike the corresponding components within the iPhone 5, leaving the only hope that Apple keeps relatively sizeable alterations in store for its next smartphone.

As many of the recent reports suggest the device will in fact be called the "iPhone 6", while regardless the name, the device is expected to look identical, once again calling into question the Cupertino company’s naming appointments for products.

Check the images provided and do not hesitate to voice up in the comments if you see something evident displayed on them.