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iOS 7 With Panoramic Wallpapers, Revamped Siri And More!

The upcoming iOS 7 is probably the most heavily discussed OS in tech world. With WWDC 2013 being round the corner, concept designers all over the world suggest their versions of the upcoming iOS almost every day. While some claim the iOS 7 to be black and white, others agree on Flickr and Vimeo integration, a cleaner version or a more sophisticated design, this one we present today focuses more on functionality rather than the outer look.

Taking into consideration the lack of functionality with iOS Messages, the designers revamp Siri and offer a whole host of other interesting tidbits, overhauling the functionality of a number of other key areas.

The long overdue Quick Reply feature suggested in the video makes it much easier to respond to messages without interruption – this is something the jailbreak community has been striving for with different tweaks, while the concept offers it as a standard feature for easier experience.

Along with the revamped Siri and a nice cosmetic update to the Music app, the concept also suggests the support for panoramic wallpapers, giving the user a great sense of openness, just like on Android.

Check the video embedded below yourself and do not hesitate to share what else would you like to see in iOS 7 in the comments!