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iPhone Mini Conceptualized In The Video

Despite the numerous suggestions of iPhone 5S to be the next smartphone by Apple, several sources have suggested Apple will also be bringing a budget iPhone at some point in the very near future. The low-budget iPhone Mini will also incorporates a rather enlarged iOS interface, as demonstrated in a concept video provided below.

With the iPhone mini looking quite handsome, many argue that the smartphone has somewhat a Nokia flavor, with the latest iPod touch details, which is probably due to the color options offered by the concept creator.

There is no doubt that if Apple actually decides to introduce a low-cost iPhone, a large portion of smartphone users will automatically be interested. As the current prices are often complained to be quite high, the cheaper thus functional device will definitely be an unprecedented success, especially in emerging markets.

Check the video embedded below and do not hesitate to share your suggestions of what the iPhone Mini would look like in the comments!