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Website Data Reveals iOS 7 Beta Being Heavily Tested

Website statistics are the best metric showing what proportion of users are running a particular operating system, enabling the admin to see the operating system used, and which version. We’ve seen new versions of Android outed by web stats in the past, but now it seems the stats have spotted unannounced release of iOS! iOS 7 is suggested to be heaving some heavy testing ahead WWDC 2013!

It seems there has been quite a jump in iOS 7 testing, with users in Cupertino and San Francisco apparently running the unannounced mobile operating system on both iPhones and iPads. The website specializing in creating tablet optimized HTML5 web sites for its customers has also been tracking customers and has concluded that 23% of all iOS traffic to their mobile sites came from iOS 7!

WWDC 2013 planned for next month is expected to reveal at least some version of  iOS 7, and beta testing is to follow before a release to the public some months later. With the with the iOS 7 traffic percentage being so high, it seems Apple is trying to get the update out the door quite soon! Moreover, it’s suggested that the iOS 7 is being tested by much more people than the previous versions. 

Touted to be rather different to the versions that have come before it, iOS 7 is suggested to bring a brand new aesthetic front, as well as some sweeping changes. Anyway, we still have to wait till June 10th and learn more at WWDC!