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WWDC 2013 Expectations

According to some internet sources, the WWDC 2013 will be a disappointment, as Apple has to everything everyone else has ever done and moreover, make real every science fiction device anyone has imagined. With over-exaggerated expectations towards the annual developers’ conference, Apple will again and forever be doomed. As users set unattainable goals for apple, Carpeaqua editor lays it plain by saying:

“With WWDC just a few weeks away, I thought it’d be beneficial to the Internet at large to compile a working list of everything that is expected of Apple during their Keynote and subsequent “State of the Union” addresses in order to appease the Internet. Failure to introduce each and every one of these features and updates will result in another stock price plummet, calls for Tim Cook’s ouster and an infinite amount of comments on tech blogs decrying that Android is superior to Apple’s iOS.”

Some of the WWDC 2013 highlights include:

A completely refreshed design language for iOS 7 that sheds the Forstall and oozes Ive;
A services/sharing architecture on par with what is offered by Windows Phone and Android;
An update to iMessage that allows people to leave group chats;
A separate documentation viewer from Xcode itself so that command-tabbing between code and documents is possible and I can remove that weird purple icon DashCode uses from my Dock;
The ability to distribute betas over the App Store;
Real-time sales analytics;
A faster, more reliable iCloud;
An updated iCloud that obviates the need for services like Dropbox;
Syncing with Core Data and iCloud to actually work so that we can stop writing blog posts about it;
The ability to Find My Friends without having to open up an app covered in leather. This will allow vegetarians to finally use the product and many more…

What are your expectations? Do not hesitate to voice up in the comments.