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Apple Online Retail Store Launched In Russia

We started hearing of Apple’s plans to begin direct sales in Russia earlier last year, and now, the plan is finally put in action! Apple has launched a web store in the country. This means Russian customers will be able to order iPhones, iPads and other iDevices!

This may sound surprising, but it’s the first time Russian customers will be able to buy Apple products directly from the company/ Till now, the iDevices have only been available via third-party retailers, as it doesn’t have any physical stores in the country. Home to more than 140 million people, Russia is a major emerging market and this opening significant because it marks Apple’s first retail presence in it.

One of the top 10 most populated countries in the world has been the subject of Apple’s interests for quite some time now, with the evidences showing up started in August of last year. Apple first registered a new distribution arm in the country called ‘Apple Rus’ and shortly after it launched its iTunes Store there as well.

As for now, the web store is up and working in Russia, and pundits expect that brick and mortar retail stores won’t be far behind. Stay tuned, we’ll share as soon as we learn anything new.