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Budget iPhone Won’t Be ‘Cheap’ According To Pegatron CEO

Pegatron CEO T.H. Tung has made an important announcement on a shareholder meeting on Thursday, mentioning the heavily rumored Apple’s budget iPhone. According to his announcement, we should not expect the handset to be inexpensive, as the “price [on it] is still high.

Pegatron is a manufacturing company and is considered to be one of Foxconn’s biggest rivals. According to the comments of the CEO, we should assume that Apple has chosen the company, over Foxconn. The rumors about Apple’s decision  to diversify its production partners has been spread earlier as well, and not it seems to be a confirmation.

The reason of this resonant shift is said to be the conflict of interests caused by Foxconn which could begin manufacturing their own branded devices. Moreover, there have been complains about poor quality control in the iPhone 5 manufacturing process as well. 

Industry analysts Gokul Hariharan and Mark Moskowitz comment that they felt Apple’s low cost iPhone could come in at $350.

“We believe Apple could take 20-25 percent of this market in the next 12 months (from almost no market share currently), if it prices a lower-priced product at $350-400 levels.”

There’s apparently no way to know for sure, but many business insiders and experts are expecting Apple to launch the low cost handset together with a new flagship iPhone, the 5S, and two new tablets this fall. What are your thoughts? Do not hesitate to voice up in the comments below!