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Give Your Life A Vote With MyDaylife!

This week’s winner of our Free App Poll  is MyDaylife by Mr. APPs s.r.l.! MyDaylife is the first multimedia diary for your iPhone that lets you give votes to your days, generating a graphic representation of your life.

Many of us have felt like flying and touching the sky, or have decided to give up with everything and start a new life. MyDaylife records your thoughts, emotions and images from the day you just experienced so that you can find and explore them any time you want to! The long list of MyDayLife features includes:

• Assign a vote from 1 to 10;
• Makes brief notes or comments;
• Attach one or more photos representing your feelings; 
• Record and listen to your thoughts;
• Upload a video of your favorite moments; 
• Associate a soundtrack;
• Add tags and people that were part of your day;
• Record the weather and your state of mind with cool emoticons. 

With the objective to let you improve your life based on your own evaluations, MyDaylife lets you:

• Share your day – after assigning votes and inserting notes and images from your day, MyDaylife lets you share it on your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or send it via e-mail to anyone you’d like to.

• Create the graphics and statistics of your life – will be able to explore the graphic representation of your life’s progress after only a few days using MyDaylife. The stats can be viewed weekly, monthly and annually for comparing different periods in your life.

 • Receive Affirmations and advice – for dealing with the day ahead, available every morning.

• Searching your feelings chronologically – for identifying every single memory searching by the name of the person you shared these moments with via practical calendar feature.

• Sync & Backup – to avoid losing your recorded daily records, the app lets you backup and restore your MyDaylife through Dropbox and iCloud.

This is an incomplete list of MyDaylife capabilities. For more, go and grab the app  from the Apple App store, it is available for free and requires iOS 6.0 or later to be fully functional.

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