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Pegatron Selected To Manufacture Low-Cost iPhone

According to the latest report, Apple has decided to diversify its production partners. Surprisingly the Fruit Company has decided to shift production away from Foxconn and rely more on Pegatron, which is a small player in the manufacturing industry.

Apple is also reported to have begun tapping Pegatron to produce the iPad mini and a limited number of iPhones, regardless of long and tight cooperation with Foxconn to assemble the majority of its products. The main subject of the discussion appears to be the long-rumored low-cost iPhone model, which could be produced exclusively by the operation.

The reason of this resonant shift is said to be the conflict of interests caused by Foxconn which could begin manufacturing their own branded devices. Moreover, there have been complains about poor quality control in the iPhone 5 manufacturing process as well. As Pegatron has agreed to accept thinner profit margins, the expected process is said to be smooth, moreover, Apple has a history with the manufacturer predating the iPhone and iPad.

The rumored low-budget iPhone is expected to finally launch this fall alongside a new top-tier design (probably the iPhone 5S). What are your thoughts? Do not hesitate to share your expectations in the comments below.