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Tim Cook Hints Apple May Become More OpenFor Third-Party Innovations

When customers buy devices with Apple’s iOS platform, they know exactly what they get when it comes to user experience. However, what attracts smartphone owners in Google’s Android most is its openness, giving users ability to customize their products according to preferences. With openness being the main point of difference of Android, Tim Cook, the head of Apple, promises that in the future the company will allow more customization too.

To the question, whether Apple intends allow others to make changes to the home screen or keyboard in the iOS, Tim Cook replied indefinitely, but rather positively, promising more freedom with iOS customization. However there was no single mention whether additional capabilities will be a part of the upcoming iOS 7 or are expected to be featured in further future updates of Apple’s platform. At the D11 conference, Tim Cook commented:

“As for opening up more programming hooks, I think you will see us open up more in the future. But not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience. We think the customer pays us to make certain choices on our behalf. Some want full control, but not the masses. But will we open up more? Yes.” 

The Chief executive of Apple gave no single word on what updates should be expected for iOS 7 at the conference, but did admit that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief industrial designer, played a big role in development of the new mobile OS:

“I think I will let you be the judge. Jony Ive has been key to this. There needs to be a blend of hardware, software and services. Having Ive do software and hardware rather than just hardware is part of this, even if Apple always married those. What this did is just amp it up.” 

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