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What You Need To Know About Control Center In iOS 7

Among the number of awesome features the iOS 7 brought along, there is Control Center, fairly considered to be the perhaps the handiest new feature to grace the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system. The Control Center gives you quick access to the controls and apps you always seem to need right this second.

Available via a simple swipe up from the bottom of the display, opposite to a swiping down from the top for opening Notification Center, Control Center puts a host of common smartphone functions right at your fingertips, including: Airplane mode, turn Wi-Fi on or off, adjust the brightness of your display, do Not Disturb mode and so on. You can quickly access your flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera and even shine a light on things with a new flashlight! 

Putting a host of common smartphone functions right at your fingertips, you can set Control Center to be accessible from the lock screen, allowing you to jump directly into any of those aforementioned apps. The control Center brings a iTunes mini player right in your phone’s dock, enabling you to make use of music playback controls including: play, pause, or skip, scrub through a track and adjust volume.

With the semi-transparent background the Control Center absorb the colors of your wallpaper or the app running behind it, making some extra visual pizazz. 

The only drawback is that adding a second gesture on top of swiping down for notifications means if you are bit overzealous you might find Control Center sliding open when you don’t want it to. However, this is something everyone will get used to over time. Check the screenshots provided and do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comments below.