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Budget iPhone Naming Unveiled – iPhone 5C Is In Works!

It’s yet again another rumor about Apple’s low-cost iPhone, this time giving further information than the size and shell materials! An image of what appears to be a bin full of ‘iPhone 5C’ packaging has been spread recently in forums, unveiling the name of the upcoming iPhone!

With no single confirmation to verify if these casing are from an Apple production line or simply some knockoffs, the assumption is that C may stand for either for “Color’ or ‘plastiC’ or ‘polyCarbonate’ or ‘China’ or ‘Cheap’ or ‘Consumer’ or something else in the same way that ‘S’ stands for speed – 9to5Mac suggests:

“Theoretically, the aluminum model would be the iPhone 5S which of course would be speedier and have other upgrades. As an example of Apple’s packaging, the 5G iPod touch looks to have a similar but thinner enclosure, right.”

The rumored specs and features of the low budget iPhone are suggested to be as follows:

Made substantially from plastic;
A cross between an iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch and iPod classic;
4” screen;
Back similar to fifth-gen iPod touch;
Shape similar to iPod classic.

What are your thoughts? Does the iPhone 5C rumor seems to be credible or do you think someone would make up the basket full of mock up packages just to spread the rumor with a single image? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below.