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Further Rumors About Hires For iWatch Emerge

The new rumors of Apple hiring people for its mysterious iWatch production come from Financial Times, claiming that:

The company has begun hiring “aggressively” for the project in recent weeks, say people familiar with Apple’s plans for the wearable device, a move that shows it has stepped up development but which raises questions over the ability of its own engineers to develop wearable technology.

The timing of the hiring spree implied the iWatch would not be ready for launch until the latter part of next year, said people familiar with Apple’s thinking, a blow to some investors who have been eager to see evidence that Apple’s innovators still have the ability to create or redefine new product categories.

With the exhausting amount of work to be done, considering iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and all the new hardware coming this fall. So Apple's biggest problem remains retention of existing talent and attraction of new one, none of which seems to be an easy job.

As for the device itself, informally dubbed as iWatch, it’s going to be a wearable smart device with code iOS functions. You can check some of the concepts of iWatch here. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below and stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated as the pending details arrive!