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iWatch Rumored To Be A Fitness Oriented, Sensor-Laden Device

The rumored iWatch by Apple is rumored to be a health-oriented device, as according to the recent reports, the company has started assembling a team of people with expertise in fitness and body sensor hardware and software for the wearable device project. According to the report, Apple have been examining existing wearable devices like the Nike FuelBand, which CEO Tim Cook is known to wear, and the Jawbone Up. Senior Vice President of Technologies, Bob Mansfield is known as the leader of the project, with former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch and senior hardware director James Foster also taking on major roles.

"Beneath the senior executive-level, Apple has assembled a team of both lesser-known and high-profile workers to bring Apple’s “iWatch” to reality. The team works in secrecy in buildings separate from Apple’s main 1 Infinite Loop headquarters.” -reads the report.

The rest of the project team members include associates of the miniaturization and assembly teams from the original iPhone. Moreover, Apple is said to be making a big investment in medical sensors and hiring scientists and executives from several sensor manufacturers, with the emphases on sensors and non-invasive methods for things such as blood monitoring.

The release date of the iWatch is not yet clear, but many suggest it would be ready in time for a fall launch. Stay tuned not to miss any important notice about the upcoming device and do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.