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Protect Your iPhone From Unauthorized Intruders Who Want To Spy With Looky-Looky App

With so many recent issues regarding the user privacy, what Looky-Looky App  for iPhone comes up with is actually timely! Did you know that up to 60% are spying the phone of their girl-/boyfriend or spouse on a regular basis?! You may quite successfully be one of them as well… However, Looky-Looky app provides a perfect solution for you to stay safe – the app protects your own iPhone from unauthorized access, keeps your privacy and convicts people by photo evidence, who want to access your iPhone in your absence! So you can finally sleep in peace again, with no fear that others spy on your personal data!

Moreover, Looky-Looky app even lets you to and find out unauthorized intruders who want to spy, regardless who it is: your girlfriend, wife, husband, parents, children, siblings, friends or colleagues. Delivering the ultimate evidence, Looky-Looky  rejects anyone who wants to break into your privacy, even if you don’t have anything to hide, but just want to avoid anyone snooping around in your beloved iPhone.

Offering various monitoring services, the app has an option for every situation - whether you want to confuse with a fake screen and record every touch on the screen, deter the supposed intruder with an alarm or whether you want to confront them with your personal video message after the next login. With the Guided Access, you can prevent the shutdown of Looky-Looky app with the double tap of your iPhone Home Button.

The Looky-Looky app is available in two versions - Lite and Premium one. Here are the differences explained – in comparison to the Lite version, the Premium one includes the unlimited use of the amazing recording feature in ‘Confuse’, the alternative unlocking logics for the monitoring mode, the unlimited use of the service ‚Confront’, the gold and the black style. However, all these functions can be purchased in the Looky-Looky-Shop individually or as bundle within the Lite version as well. 

Enjoy the usage of the Looky-Looky App by grabbing it from the Apple App Store by following the links below: