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What We know About iPhone 5S So Far

Actually- nothing. But there are number of speculations and suggestions that do make sense. Below you’ll find the summary of the latest rumors and assumptions around the upcoming smartphone by Apple.

In what appears to be a never-ending string of “gold” iPhone 5S part leakages, new high-quality videos scrutinize what seem to be genuine rear shells for the forthcoming iPhone 5S. The video embedded below parallels the internal structure of the iPhone 5S casing to that of the iPhone 5 and points out some notable changes and additions. The differences mentioned make the current iPhone assembly incompatible with the new case.

Moreover, there has been another video spread recently, demonstrating the upcoming iPhone 5S shell compared not only to the iPhone 5, but to the rumored ‘iPhone 5C’ casing as well. The things to note here are the size difference between the 5S and 5C and the edges – the gold casing features chamfered edges which are anodized silver, not gold, leading to the assumption that this casing is certainly an early prototype or an unfinished design. Check the video below:

And the latest one shows the most resonant - recently speculated graphite edition of the iPhone 5S. While visually similar to the black and slate iPhone 5, the graphite edition is outstandingly, but not vividly lighter in color. You can also get the first look of what’s supposed to be iPad Mini 2!

The devices are to be announced on September 10th media event by Apple, so keep calm and keep dreaming by then!