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Apple Finally Becomes The ‘Most Valuable Brand’ Of 2013!!!

Finally!!! Apple overtakes Coca Cola to become Most Valuable Brand of 2013! No more 2nd place, the Fruit Company has taken the top spot as 2013′s Most Valuable Brand, ending Coca-Cola’s 13 year streak as number one in the annual Best Global Brands report compiled by Interbrand. Moreover, Google surpasses Coca-Cola too, which ended up third surpassed by both tech companies this year.

The value of Apple’s brand estimated at $98.3 billion, a 28 percent increase from 2012, while Google has an estimated value of $93.3 billion, which represents a 34 percent annual increase. So, both Apple and Google are top risers in this year’s list.

Moreover, Coca-Cola remains far ahead of Apple and Google in likes on Facebook fan pages. Coca-Cola has 73.2 million, compared with 9.8 million for Apple and 15.1 million for Google.

The interesting fact to note is that technology companies account for five of top 10 brands this year: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel. While IBM would have been the sixth, it is on the list as a business service brand, so we’re not counting it as a tech company along with the top 5 listed above! You can check the rest of the report here