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Useful Christmas Gift

This Christmas, everyone seems to want a new iPhone, even the kids. I remember when my son when 10. The cell phones were still a fairly new thing, so not everyone had one. My ex husband thought he was too young for a cell phone. I thought it would be good for him, especially if he was out and I was at work.

Since my son lived with me, I got him one anyway. Back then, no one thought of radiation from the cell phones. These days, with all the new technology available, I worry about the radiation constantly. Especially, for my grandkids.

When you think about it, radiation is everywhere. Cell phones, laptops, computers, microwaves and on and on. And how many people do you know that don't have a cell phone? If you are like me, not very many. My mom, who is 93, even has a cell phone.

A friend of mine is a nurse. I was talking with her over the summer and she telling me how she doesn't like her kids being on the cell phone a lot because of the radiation. She said she knows things about the effects of radiation that normal people like me, don't know.

She was looking into this new product called Aires Shield, made by Aires Technologies. It is a silicon based micro processor that neutralizes harmful radiation from electromagnetic waves. Usually when she tells me something, she is usually right. It decomposes oscillations of electromagnetic fields of any types in harmless components.

I figured this Christmas, since everybody already has a cell phone, I am going to protect my family by getting them each an Aires Shield. And for only $39.00, they are very affordable and will give me peace of mind. Plus I can still get them what they really want.

I was on the Aires Tech website and I had to laugh because even though our microwave is new, my husband is always yelling at me to not stand in front of it when it's on. You can place it on the microwave too to protect yourself. I guess I will be adding a few for us too.