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8 Best Hidden Features in iOS 7 that you should know about

The new iOS7 is out there and you would definitely have had been glued to your iPhone or iPad to discover all the new features that it has to offer.
It is definitely always very interesting to get your hands-on a newly launched OS and search it throughout to see what’s new, what’s in for you, right?
However, if you have not yet fully discovered the iOS7 then here are some features that are actually hidden and that may have skipped your attention so far, so take a shoot at them right-away!
Siri Gender
A very interesting feature is the voice of Siri, which you can change if you are not happy with the default gender of Siri which is female.
If you feel that it is not a very comfortable tone to work with, you can comfortably change the GENDER of Siri to male instead of female and feel better using Siri than you would have while using the female version! Interesting isn’t it?

Turn Wi-Fi & Bluetooth ON or OFF
Another very comfy feature of the iOS7 is that you can now use Siri to a better end by ordering it to turn Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi on or off, whatever your need.
You can therefore connect to the internet and disconnect by simply making a voice command to Siri, without having to go through any manual transmission to achieve the feat.

Block numbers that you do not want to take a call from
If you are receiving calls from numbers that you do not want to receive calls from, you do not have to contact your mobile service provider and subscribe to a service that lets you block that particular number.
Using the features on the iOS7, you can simply block that number right away and not receive a single call from it that day onwards, so rest assured, you will get rid of that irate caller immediately, virtue of the iOS7.

Night Mode for Apple Maps
Another cool feature that is part of the iOS7 is the night vision for Apple maps that help you find your way while you are driving in a not so familiar locality.
If you are driving there at night, you can simply turn the night mode for maps on and therefore effectively reduce the glare coming out of your iPhone screen so that it does not blind you when you need to focus on the road…

Unlimited Apps
In the iOS7, you now have the option to add unlimited apps to folders as there was a limitation to it previously but now you have the liberty to add as many apps as you want without worrying about any upper limit to it.

Closing an app
Closing an app is also made so very easier in the iOS7, all you need to do when you want to close an app is to swipe it and that’s it, it would be gone!
You do not need to press it and wait until it is closed, no, just swipe and boom…..the app is closed! That’s pretty fast and comfy, that’s for sure!

Choice of vibration!
With the iOS7, you even have a choice of vibration if you are looking for some creativity and would not like to hear the standard vibration of brrrrr… can choose what kind of vibration to feel and even create a new one out of the blue if the custom made ones do not catch enough of your attention! Howzaaaaaat?

Spirit Level app
There is even an app for ascertaining the spirit level of a structure such as your desk, the display on you iOS7 powered iPhone or tablet would let you know if the surface that you place your device on is even or odd! Cheers!

Author: - The post is written by Katherine Switzer – a researcher and writer at iPhone spy apps blog. She loves to cover trending topics and has a great passion for blogging. You may connect with her on Google+.